When is the best time to post videos on Facebook

When is the best time to publish your video on Facebook? Well, it depends.

Facebook has become one of the most valuable and effective channels for distributing your message, but successful posts can be elusive, depending on if you choose the best time to publish your video on Facebook.

When it comes to posting a Facebook video, it’s equally important to know what to include in your content as it is to understand the best times to post to realize the highest possible engagement for your social media content strategy.

First, some Facebook video publishing stats:

It’s crucial to understand how users react to Facebook video content based on what time it is posted:

  • Generally, Facebook video posts made during the weekend (Thursday through Sunday), accumulate greater engagement, with Saturday and Sunday displaying a 32% improvement.
  • In general, content on Facebook is likely to get a higher average click through rate early in the morning, or in the early afternoon.
  • People tend to be happier on Fridays, leading to slightly higher engagement.

When is the best time to post video on Facebook in 2022?

Facebook video tends to have its own idiosyncrasies, so you should also consider the following Facebook video publishing timing strategies:

  • When it comes to when you should publish Facebook video, the best time to post content is between 12pm and 1pm, when most people are on a break and likelier to interact with their devices.
  • The second-best time is early in the morning, between 9am and 11am.
  • Whatever you do, you should avoid posting videos immediately after lunch (between 2pm and 3pm), as well as late in the evenings (after 10pm) as there are usually fewer users online at those times.

When is the best time to post on Facebook on Sunday?

Based on many social media marketing blogs, it appears that Sunday between 12-1 PM is the best time on Sunday to post on Facebook for maximal engagement.

Other blogs mentioned 2 PM on Sunday. But the takeaway is clear: Sunday mornings are meant for sleeping in, and later in the day on Sunday people are out and about and less attentive to Facebook.

Final thoughts on Facebook publishing in 2022:

Most important, however, is to comprehend the specific hours your users spend the most time online.

Using Facebook insights alongside this broader data can reveal the perfect moments to post your video and reap the rewards of higher engagement.

Try to identify times when your users are not just online, but also more receptive to what you’re saying to ensure your message comes across loud and clear. As for other platforms, read our guides on when to post on Instagram, as well as best times to post on YouTube.

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