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Add music, sound effects, & audio tracks to video

With Videoleap app, add songs, sound effects, and audio tracks to videos. Find the perfect soundtrack, combine video and audio seamlessly and create engaging videos with ease!

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Use the Videoleap app to add music to video
  • Put audio on videos

    Create the perfect soundscape for your videos with our extensive, royalty-free music library. Choose from thousands of tracks and sound effects to craft everything from birthday videos to social media reels and ads.

    Hook your audience with our built-in music library, adding songs to videos with genres from jazz to pop and sound effects from holiday tunes to cinematic trailers, to match the vibe you’re aiming for.

Put audio over your videos 
Add music to videos from your phone
  • Add audio files to video: personalize your soundtrack

    With Videoleap app's video editor, you can easily put your own music over video to give it your own spin. Just drag and drop any audio file – a favorite song or a personal recording – and it blends right in.

  • Record & add voice over to videos

    Voice your story by recording and adding voice overs to videos directly in Videoleap.

    Customize the pitch, speed, and volume to fit your narrative and apply fade-in and fade-out effects for a professional touch!

Record and add voice overs to videos
Sync videos to the music beat 
  • Sync your video to the beat

    Create the perfect audio landscape for your video.
    Use our Beats tool, (available in iOS only) to sync music rhythmically with your video’s visual flow, ensuring every beat hits just right.

  • Add music to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook videos & more

    Easily make your social media videos more engaging by adding royalty-free music to videos from our extensive library, suitable for any content.

    Simplify your editing with our preset aspect ratios for Instagram, YouTube, Reels, and ideal formats like 9:16 or 1:1 for Facebook, and more.

Add music to YouTube, Instagram, and more
Mute, split, and remove audio from videos
  • Mute, split, remove audio from video & more

    Have total audio control! Streamline your content creation with our easy-to-use timeline. Remove sound from video, merge audio and video for seamless storytelling, and separate audio from video for precise control.

    Our tools make it simple to adjust your audio – mute background noise, layer multiple tracks, and switch them up to match the mood or highlight key moments in your video.

How to add music to a video

How to add music to a video?
  • 1

    Upload your footage

    Begin by opening the Videoleap app and uploading the video you want to edit.

  • 2

    Arrange your clips

    Arrange your clips on the timeline and use Videoleap's editing tools to cut, trim, or add effects to your clips as needed.

  • 3

    Add music or sound effects

    Access our music and sound fx library. Select the ideal tune for your video and synchronize it accordingly. Or, import your own.

  • 4

    Finalize and showcase

    Export your video and then share it to your social platforms!

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Remove Background Noise

Remove and change your video’s background in one click with Videoleap’s Cutout Tool.

Remove background noise from video

Enhance video clarity with AI audio noise reduction—crystal-clear sound in every clip.

Audio cutter

Slice and fine-tune your sounds. Cut music from video to perfect every beat for a pitch-perfect video narrative.

Add music to video

Create the perfect audio landscape. Put audio to video using our extensive royalty-free library or your own tracks.

Remove Audio From Video

Wave goodbye to unwanted sounds and music in your videos! Mute your video clips instantly.

Adding music to video FAQ

How do I add music to my YouTube video?

To add music to your YouTube video with Videoleap, first upload your video to the app. Choose the best size format for YouTube—like our preset options for YouTube videos or Shorts. Then, add music to your video timeline, selecting either a track from our library or your own music. Once you've added your music and made any other edits, download the video and share it directly to YouTube.

Can I adjust the audio volume in Videoleap’s editor?

Absolutely! With Videoleap's editor, you can adjust audio levels easily! You can decrease or increase audio volumes, giving you complete control over the sound in your videos.

Can I post a video on Instagram with music?

Absolutely! When using Videoleap to create a video for Instagram, start by uploading your video. Choose the best size format for Instagram with our preset options for Stories and posts. Next, add songs to your video timeline, either from our music library or your own collection. After adding music and completing your edits, download the video and post it on Instagram.

Can Videoleap add background music to a video?

Absolutely! Videoleap allows you to effortlessly add background music to your video clips. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to choose and add music that enhances your video’s narrative and mood.

How to put a song over a video?

Videoleap app makes it easy to add songs to videos. Simply upload your video, choose a song from our library or your collection, and seamlessly sync the song with your video for enhanced storytelling.

What video and audio file formats can be used on Videoleap?

Videoleap supports a wide range of video and audio formats. Whether you want to add MP4 to video, blend MP3 with MP4, or use GIFs in your video projects, our app has you covered.

Here's a list of some of the common video and audio formats you can work with in Videoleap:

MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, and more.

You can also add various image formats to your video projects, including JPG, PNG, TIFF, ICO, SVG, and more.

Can I add music to my video for free on Videoleap?

Adding music to videos with Videoleap app is available with our Pro subscription. Get started with a free 7-day trial allowing you to add music freely to your videos and access to all the premium features that Videoleap offers.

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