Speed Tool

Change video speed in seconds

Easily speed up or down your videos! Whether you want to make a video slow motion or simply adjust the pace, Videoleap’s video speed controller has you covered.

  • Speed it up or slow it down: your video, your pace!

    Want to speed up a video to skip the dull parts or slow down for the golden moments? With our app, change the speed of a video in an instant! Whether it’s for a dramatic effect or to breeze through the content, our video speed editor has got your back.

    Increase video speed for a quick recap or decrease to make every second count – you’re in control!

Put videos in slow motion

Create captivating slow motion videos

Why rush? Savor every moment with our app's slow motion video magic. Discover how to make a video transition seamlessly into slow mo, or edit videos in slow motion to emphasize those once-hidden details.

Dive in and put your video in the perfect tempo, ensuring every frame gets its moment in the spotlight.

Create timelapses from videos

Ready to leap through time? With our app, effortlessly make a timelapse from video that captures hours in mere seconds.

Transform extended events into short, captivating sequences and create mesmerizing stories in just a fraction of the time!

Apply Speed Ramps presets to your videos

Play with time with Speed Ramps

Elevate your storytelling! Unlike the usual linear adjustments, our Curve presets available on iOS, provide non-linear shifts in speed, making your videos stand out.

Transition between dramatic slow-mos and exhilarating fast-mos, giving a whole new dimension to your videos.

From emphasizing pivotal moments to making a beat drop more dramatic, add that cinematic feel into every frame.

How to change the speed of a video

  • 1

    Get started

    Import your video into the Videoleap timeline.

  • 2

    Pinpoint and segment

    Navigate to the point in time you want to slow down or speed up. If you wish to modify just a portion of your video, select and split at the desired points.

  • 3

    Select segment

    Select the clip you want to modify, then select "Speed" from the menu.

  • 4

    Adjust speed

    Use the slider – drag it lower to make the segment slower (slow motion) or higher for a faster pace (fast forward).

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Add subtitles to video

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Flip Videos

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Video effects

Add video effects such as glitches, rays, flares, and more to bring your content to life!

Video filters

Set the mood you want in a snap. Add filters to video for quick and easy customization.

Merge videos

Tie a complete, seamless story together! Combine videos and photos in one go.

Reverse videos

Rewind your footage with ease. Our video reverser makes time flow backward for creative effects.

Trim videos

Get right to the good stuff. Trim your clips to get the just right moment you want to highlight.

Loop videos

Endless entertainment at your fingertips. Our video looper capabilities repeat your best moments, seamlessly.

Resize video

Fit your video in any frame. Our video resizer adjusts size perfectly for any platform or purpose.

Add text to video

Speak volumes with our text video maker. Add subtitles, captions, and more to tell your story clearly.

Blur videos

Draw attention to what matters. Enhance your content by adding blur to video for a cinematic effect.

Remove background from video

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Remove object from video

Wave goodbye to photobombers and distractions. Remove unwanted objects from video with AI.

Speed controller FAQ

Is Videoleap’s video speed editor free to use?

Yes, it is! You can easily speed up videos and apply slow motion — all for free. Videoleap is your go-to app, offering both free slow motion and fast-forward features with top-notch speed editing capabilities.

Can I change a slow motion video to a normal video with Videoleap?

Absolutely! With Videoleap, not only can you convert video to slow motion, but you can also speed up a slow motion video to make it play at a normal rate or even faster.

Can Videoleap slow down a video on an iPhone?

Absolutely! Videoleap allows you to speed up video on iPhone and also offers guidance on how to slow mo a video on iPhone. Whatever pace you're aiming for, our app has got you covered on your iPhone.

Is the video speed changer capabilities available online?

Yes, Videoleap allows you to speed up video online and slow down video online too. Whether you're on the app or accessing our platform online, you have the tools to adjust your video's pace seamlessly.

Is the video speed changer capabilities available online?

Yes, Videoleap allows you to speed up video online and slow down video online too. Whether you're on the app or accessing our platform online, you have the tools to adjust your video's pace seamlessly.

Can I change the speed of an MP4?

Yes, you can! With Videoleap, it's straightforward to speed up MP4 files, ensuring your videos play just the way you want them to.

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