Infinite Zoom

Create AI Infinite Zoom videos

Explore infinite possibilities outside of your photos and videos! Create mesmerizing infinite zoom videos from a single image or video.

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  • Create captivating Infinite Zoom art

    Embark on a magical journey beyond your image’s borders with Videoleap app’s AI Infinite Zoom effect! With just a single image or video and prompt, craft a continuous infinite zoom video and watch as it zooms in or out endlessly. 

    The world of your photo or video expands, leading you into a vast, artful universe. Venture beyond your photo's boundaries and explore a horizon that feels boundless. 

Create Infinite Zoom Videos From a Single Image or Video
  • AI Infinite Zoom: for all your creative needs

    Turn your image or video into a standout piece with AI Infinite Zoom. Whether you're a content creator looking to wow your audience, someone passionate about the latest in AI, or just looking for a unique visual journey, this feature has you covered.

    Perfect for personal projects, creating viral-worthy content on social media, or simply to explore art from a fresh perspective. With Infinite Zoom, your content unfolds an expanded story.

How to make an Infinite Zoom video?

  • 1

    Dive in

    Open Videoleap app and navigate to the ‘AI Editing’ section.

  • 2

    Spot the magic

    Select the Infinite Zoom feature to begin your creative journey.

  • 3

    Upload your image or video

    Choose your desired image or video for the infinite adventure.

  • 4

    Describe & direct

    Use the custom prompts provided or describe your vision, such as "symbolism style oil painting." Decide on a zoom direction: in or out.

  • 5

    Witness the wonder

    Tap on ‘Let’s Go!’ and let Videoleap turn your image or video into an expanding visual masterpiece.

  • 6

    Save and share

    Share on Videoleap’s feed as a video others can see or to your social channels!

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Infinite Zoom FAQ

Is AI Infinite Zoom free on the Videoleap app?

Yes, the Infinite Zoom feature is free to use on the Videoleap app! However, there are daily limitations with the free version. For unlimited access, it's recommended to upgrade to Videoleap Pro!

Can I use Infinite Zoom online?

Currently, the Infinite Zoom feature is not available online. It's exclusive to the Videoleap app.

How does AI Infinite Zoom work?

Videoleap's AI Infinite Zoom takes your image or video freeze frame and uses ‘Outpainting’ to create a smooth zooming video that extends beyond the original boundaries of the photo or video. It's a blend of advanced technology and artistry to provide a unique visual experience.

Can I use Infinite Zoom for art drawings?

Absolutely! With Videoleap's Infinite zoom, you can upload your own drawings and let the app expand them in a captivating zoom video. Whether it's a quick sketch or a detailed illustration, our tool makes it come alive, offering a new perspective.

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