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Add text to video with ease

Effortlessly create engaging, descriptive storytelling videos with Videoleap using text animation, custom fonts, captions and titles.

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  • Add captions to videos

    Speak volumes by adding captions, text, or titles to your videos or even creating a lyric video, to tell your story clearly and impactfully.  

    Cater to all audiences, including enabling understanding without sound.  And if you're looking to enhance a brand or personal project, you can customize by adding logos, watermarks, or subtitles.

The Text Feature adds caption to video
The Text feature adds text on specific parts of the video
  • Add text overlay on videos

    With Videoleap Video Editor, make videos with the flexibility to overlay text on any part - start, middle, end, or throughout the entire video. It's a free-to-use tool designed for your convenience and creativity.

Customize your texts

Fully personalize text with our video maker by adjusting font style, color, size, and implementing text effects or animation.

Take advantage of our extensive media library of free fonts. Creating trendy and engaging video content has never been easier.

The Text feature adds text effects on video
The Text feature adds text to video to fit social media needs

    Video editing with text for social sharing

    Once you’ve added text to video, download and share your creation on Instagram Reels, TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube.

    How to add text to a video on Videoleap?

    • 1

      Upload media

      Upload a video or photo.

    • 2

      Navigate to ‘Text’

      Tap on the text button and double-tap to begin editing.

    • 3

      Customize your text

      Type in your text and choose from different fonts, add animations, position the text, change colors, set its opacity, blend it, and also mask it.

    • 4

      Finalize & share

      Once you're satisfied with your edits, download and share your video!

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    Add text to video FAQ

    How do I add text to a video?

    With the Videoleap app, it's a breeze! Our video text editor lets you upload your video, tap the text button, and edit as needed. You have the freedom to adjust fonts, color, position, and more.

    How to add subtitles to videos with Videoleap?

    To add subtitles to video, select the text button after uploading your video. Type in your text and position it as per your need. It’s as easy as that!

    How can I change the font style and color text in my Video?

    In the Videoleap Video Editor, after tapping on the text button, select the 'font option'. This allows you to change the font style. For color, select the color palette and choose your preferred hue.

    How to add moving text to a video?

    After entering your text, select the 'animations' option. You can then select the animation type to create your animated text video, making your text come alive!

    How do I add text to different parts of a video?

    With the Videoleap app, create videos with text in multiple sections. Enter your text and simply drag it to the desired part of the video. You can add text to multiple sections or even across the whole video!

    How to add text to TikTok and YouTube videos?

    Once you've added text to your video, simply download the video and upload it to TikTok or YouTube. The text will be embedded in your video!

    Can I add text to video for free on Videoleap?

    Absolutely! Videoleap allows you to add text to your videos at no cost.

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