AI Voice Swap

Mimic your voice with the AI voice changer

Videoleap's AI speech-to-speech converter lets you train and clone your voice, creating captivating swaps in songs, vlogs, voiceovers, and more! From storytelling to amusing content, elevate your videos with a personal audio twist.

* 7 day free trial, Cancel at the end of the billing cycle. This feature is not included in the free trial.
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  • Sing any song in your voice

    Ever dreamed of singing your favorite hits in your own voice without actually singing? With our AI singing voice generator in Videoleap, train your voice model and swap your voice into any music video or audio clip.

    * You can only upload to your Videoleap account content that you have rights to.

    Perfect for both influencers and creators or casual users alike to create unique covers, add a personal twist to popular tracks, and engage their audience with fresh and amusing content.

Use the AI voice singer to create fun content
Use the vocal modulator for your business
  • Consistent voice-over in business advertising

    For businesses, keeping a consistent voice in advertising just got easier. Train your model once and use it across various ad campaigns with speech to speech AI.

    This tool is ideal for maintaining a uniform brand voice in your marketing content, saving significant time and effort that usually goes into voice-over production.

  • AI Voice cloning for personalized content

    Influencers and creators, rejoice! You can now use your own voice for voice overs in different contexts. Whether it's a comic relief piece or a serious narrative, train your voice model and apply it to any video content, ensuring authenticity and uniqueness in your creations.

Clone your voice with AI

How to use AI voice changer?

How to use AI voice changer
  • 1

    Access AI Voice Swap

    Launch Videoleap and access AI Voice Swap either from the "AI Voice Swap" thumbnail on the Home Screen carousel or via the "AI Voices" option in the Full Editor's clip toolbar.

  • 2

    Create your voice model

    On the “Create Voice” screen, hit the record button. Make sure your microphone access is granted!

  • 3

    Record or upload your voice

    Read the on-screen script or upload your audio file. Use a clear voice in a quiet environment for the best results.

  • 4

    Complete recording

    Record your voice for at least 1 minute and 40 seconds and no more than 5 minutes.

  • 5

    Train and pay for your voice model

    To proceed with training your voice model, a payment is required. A monetization popup will guide you through this process.
    *Subscribers receive discounts.

  • 6

    Apply your AI voice

    When your AI voice is ready you’ll receive a notification. Import a video or audio file and apply your new AI voice in the AI Voice drawer.

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AI Voice Swap FAQ

What is Videoleap's AI Voice Changer?

Our AI Voice Changer lets you train a voice model to create personalized audio for your videos. It's not a real-time voice changer or ai voice changer, but a tool for crafting unique voice avatars for various projects, while keeping your vocal identity intact.

How do I make my own AI voice?

Easily create your AI voice by recording clear audio in a quiet environment. The recording should be a minimum of 1 minute 40 seconds, and can be up to 5 minutes. Videoleap uses this recording to train your personalized voice model.

How long does it take to train my AI voice model?

After recording your voice for the required duration, Videoleap processes the audio with the AI voice modulator to create your AI voice model. We’ll notify you when it’s ready to use!

What are the key benefits of using the AI Voice Changer?

The AI Voice Changer offers a unique way to customize audio content. It's perfect for creating entertaining videos, maintaining brand voice consistency, and saving time on voice-over recordings.

Can I use Videoleap’s AI Voice Changer for free?

AI Voice Swap is pay-per-model, but here’s a tip: check out our Pro plan. It gives you a cool free 7-day trial with unlimited Voice Swap usage and lots more. Plus, as a Pro, you get to pay per model and enjoy using it as much as you want!

Can I use the AI voice changer online on my PC?

Currently, our advanced AI Voice Changer is exclusively available on iOS and Android devices.

Does Videoleap offer AI voice filters?

Our focus is on voice switching rather than filtering, allowing you to replace audio with your own voice in a natural and authentic way.

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