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Blur videos

Create eye-catching videos by blurring backgrounds, faces, and moving objects with Videoleap’s Defocus tool.

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  • Elevate your videos with the Defocus Tool

    Add blur to videos with Videoleap's video editor. Control the level of blur from subtle or more dramatic, giving your videos that professional look.

The Defocus blurring tool adds blur to your videos
The Defocus tool blurs moving objects in video backgrounds
  • Blur objects in your video

    Distracted by unwanted objects in your video? Fade them out. Blur moving objects, putting the spotlight on what's important.

Enhance your video quality with video blurring

  • Create cinematic compositions - Add a greater degree of depth of field to create polished, cinematic effects.
  • Cover up imperfections - Hide mistakes, remove blemishes, or fine marks on subjects’ faces.
The Defocus Tool enhances the video quality with video blurring
The Defocus Tool blurs background in video

    Blur backgrounds in videos

    • Make text stand out - Blur the background to make important text pop, making it easier to read and more impactful in your ads, Reels, or TikToks.
    • Protect privacy - Need to keep things on the down low? You can blur out sensitive stuff like license plates or faces in the background.

    How to blur a video?

    • 1

      Upload your video or photo

      Begin by uploading the video or photo you want to edit.

    • 2

      Access the Defocus tool

      Navigate to "Effects", and use the Defocus tool to bring any area into focus and blur the background.

    • 3

      Apply Pixelation to objects

      To blur an object, select “Pixelate” and adjust the blur intensity to your preference.

    • 4

      Download and share

      Download or share your video creation to your social platforms

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    Blur video FAQ

    Can I blur my video online?

    Currently, the blur feature is available on the Videoleap app for iPhone and Android, allowing you to blur your video directly on your smartphone.

    Can I blur my video for free in Videoleap?

    Yes, Videoleap offers the ability to blur the background in video app functions for free.

    How to blur moving objects in video with Videoleap?

    With Videoleap, blurring moving objects is simple:

    1. Open the app and import your video.
    2. Tap on 'Glitch' from the main toolbar and select 'Pixelate'.
    3. Adjust size, pattern, intensity, and animation to your liking.
    4. The blur applies to the entire video by default. For specific sections, adjust the green sliding bar on the editing screen until it only covers your desired clip.

    Can I blur faces in the background of my video?

    Absolutely! The Videoleap video editing app allows you to blur faces in the background of your video.

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