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Remove objects from your videos

Easily remove unwanted moving objects from your videos with Videoleap’s AI-powered Remove tool.

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*Currently available on iOS only
  • Erase objects from videos

    Capture the perfect moment without distractions. Using Remove, Videoleap Video Editor's advanced AI video object removal tool, effortlessly remove static and moving elements. The result? Seamless, professional-quality videos that align with your vision.

The Vanish Tool erases objects from your videos
The Vanish Tool removes people from your videos

Remove people from videos

Got an unexpected photobomber or passersby ruining your shot? No worries. With a few quick taps, erase them, allowing you to create the content you want.

Remove unwelcomed static objects from videos

Say goodbye to distracting elements. Eliminate text, camera timestamps, logos, and remove watermarks from your videos.

In seconds, get your videos to look clean and refined, putting the focus on what matters most - your content.

The Vanish tool removes static objects from your videos

How to remove objects from videos?

  • 1

    Import your video

    Import any video from your phone

  • 2

    Select the Remove tool

    Click on the Remove tool

  • 3

    Remove distractions

    Brush over any distraction you’d like to remove and then tap “apply”

  • 4

    Export and share

    Download your newly edited video to your phone or social media

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Remove objects FAQ

How can I remove objects from video?

With Videoleap's video editor, you can easily remove unwanted objects from your videos. Simply select your clip on the Timeline, choose the Remove tool, highlight the object you want to remove, and tap Apply. After a quick processing time, the object will disappear. Export your edited video or share it on social media.

Can I remove watermarks from my video?

Yes, the Remove tool helps you get rid of unwanted elements from your video including watermarks easily.

Can I remove objects from my video online?

The Remove tool is currently available exclusively on the Videoleap app for iOS.

Can I remove moving objects from videos?

Absolutely! With the Remove tool you can easily remove both static and moving objects from your videos.

Can I remove objects from videos for free with Videoleap?

Yes, you can enjoy the Remove tool for free with a 7-day trial and cancel anytime.

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